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    Teatime Results 2023

    Every day, the UK 49s Lottery holds two draws. Morning draw called Lunchtime Results and Evening time draw called Teatime Results. UK49s Teatime Results is one of the popular daily lotteries in the UK. Also, the 49s Teatime lottery is the biggest lottery in the UK and South Africa.

    The UK 49s lottery is organized by a company in the UK that goes by the name 49s. The office of company 49s is located in the city of London. As for the lottery itself, it is played all across the UK and South Africa. The UK49s Lotto is in play since the start of the 1990s. This makes this particular lottery one of the best-played lotteries on a national scale in the UK and in South Africa.

    Teatime Results Are Below

    24 September 20239283639414232
    23 September 20231114223032464
    22 September 202311193031404245
    21 September 20238161927394437
    20 September 202316172229343632
    19 September 202319273138414429
    18 September 2023192538434914
    17 September 2023581621424426
    16 September 2023152632414539
    15 September 2023418272933499
    14 September 20231358132741
    13 September 20238141724264312
    12 September 202335918273048
    11 September 20233142136414247
    10 September 20231114172528348
    9 September 2023819202146489
    8 September 2023351628304324
    7 September 20232226273035369
    6 September 202317273136414910
    5 September 202312182022313744
    4 September 2023781931364324
    3 September 20236102226274331
    2 September 2023481820424745
    1 September 202312162034404548

    These UK49s Teatime Results have offered a win-win scenario for the public and thus offering them a chance to win a hefty sum of money. Of course, this winning sum is expected from a tax deduction.

    As per the recent surveys conducted on the play rate of this lotto, around 2/3 of the UK’s adult population says that they tend to play this lotto on a regular basis. These UK49s lotto tickets were made available online for purchase in 2010. As for now, anyone from all over the world can play this lotto and have a chance of winning the prize.

    Uk TeaTime Results Timing

    UK49s Teatime Results 2023 Draw usually takes place around 5:49 PM of the UK time from Feb till October. In addition to this, the draw is also made at around 4:49 PM for the rest of the year.

    UK49s Teatime Results Prize

    The negative aspect of this asymmetrical betting system is that a player creates a certain prize structure where the symmetry is observed in odds. Obviously, the prize amounts will also vary depending on the fact how much money a player will wager on any given outcome.

    The Uk49s lottery offers the odds for each of the possible outcomes ranging in-between 6 to 1 for the single number to the odds of around 14000000 to 1 for winning the top prize of 7 numbers ranging from 6 to Bonus Ball.

    The only variant that remains unchanged for UK49s is its odds; other than that everything can be decided by the playing party.

    Prize Payouts

    NumbersPicked to Play6 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet)7 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet)6 Drawn NumberOdds7 Drawn NumberOdds

    UK 49sTeatime Results Predictions

    Lottery enthusiasts in the UK and South Africa love to play the UK49s Teatime Lottery and they are quite conscious of winning it. For the aim of winning the lotto, they make use of numerous techniques to win the Teatime Lotto. This is why; there are quite a few techniques and tips on the internet. Still, be cautious, as none of these tips are 100% reliable. These tips offer aspiring lotto players only guidelines to help them improve their game strategy for their next Teatime Results 2023.

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